Web-based programming


Due to their flexibility, network capabilities, geographical independence and the possibility of using simultaneously on different devices, web technologies provide a wide range of opportunities for various projects and systems.
Besides website programming, web technologies allow to implement almost any digital idea: to automate, improve and make effective business-related tasks, organize marketing research and monitoring, to program payment terminals, systems of reference information robots, integrate those into the general network, etc.
Web-based systems have several advantages:

  • Those use a central database and can work with the same data from different platforms simultaneously,
  • The servers are located on the internet, and the system is available from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available,
  • Those do not require regular updates, as the software does. All updates and system upgrades take place on servers and are available to everyone immediately,
  • In this case, only servers are supercomputers, and end-user devices can be regular computers, including those with freely available operating systems. This reduces the overall cost manifold,
  • Surely, weaknesses are also present, but depending on the task and the quality of its implementation, the best results can be achieved. We believe (considering the global trend) that one day all systems (even existing computer programs and games) will be based on network technologies.

The most difficult and important stage of the system design is project modeling and building the database of that model.
We are open to listen, to model perfectly and to implement any of your ideas.