Advice on domain registration and hosting services


It is impossible to find a hosting company that is equally good for all websites, regardless of the technology used. There are some circumstances to keep in mind when choosing a hosting company:

  • The geographical location of site visitors. E.g., if most of the site visitors are from China, it would be best to have a hosting server in China. If they are from America, then the best location of the server is America or Canada.
  • Sometimes existing legislation restricts access or slows down the websites.
  • The reliability of the company providing hosting services, access to service for technical issues and legal access is very important.

We have reliable partners in different continents as well as are aware of the best solution for a particular case. Sometimes, it is necessary to keep synchronized versions of the website in several hostings in parallel.

We do not charge for hosting services, and service contracts are signed with the hosting of your choice.

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There are companies that register domains (often also providing hosting services), which offer the registration of cheap, "free" domains. However, in their contracts hazardous points and financial traps are included in small font size. Other companies with regional or global reputation have many years of experience, but, as in the case of hosting, there are subtleties within the work with those depending on the domain zone (.am, .com, .ru, .net, etc.), the scope of application, the geography of visitors, etc. Choosing a domain is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

IT Media provides free consultation and assistance with domain registration agreements.
We want the best options available to our clients.

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