Innovative projects

Discussion, development and maintenance of innovative start-up web projects.

IT Media, being the legal successor of Hanguyc Team, has extensive experience in implementing numerous challenging web-projects. We are the first ones to create a completely independent Armenian search engine, contextual advertising platform, Armenian social-professional network, online payment system, and about 70 other projects. We have completely transformed the programming code of the payment terminal network of more than 5,000 terminals operating in Moscow and Morocco and offered fully web-based and free software solutions. Our solutions help our partner to save about $ 250,000 a year.

We are ready to move on to your boldest and extraordinary ideas, discuss the surest path to the achievement of those and, with the greatest enthusiasm, create something new along with you. 

As a part of its interest, IT Media is ready to act not only as an organization providing comprehensive web services but also as a business partner.


We look forward to your suggestions